Ubytování Mikulov - Lormův dvůr
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Accommodation Mikulov - Lorm’s Court

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From the north, west, south and the east you get greeted and allured by superb town panorama. Svaty kopecek (St. Hill) with white little church and campanilla, majestic chateau with gardens Mysterious subterranean vaults in chateau, Giant barrel ibidem, picturesque square with romantic little cafe´s, Capuchin houses, Ditrichstein´s tomb, armoury tower Kozí Hrádek raising itself above the town, Jewish graveyard, Jewish synagogue you may visit walking up the special-mood-breathing Husova street, cave complex Turold, Gallows lake. Little town in the centre of Europe can show as many faces as year has months. So many sites to explore and enjoy.

Breath-taking bike trails are going to appeal not to just rugged sporting fans. Would you like a bit of endless space and tranquility? Take the route behind the railway station towards Austria which is in a stone’s throw distance from Mikulov. Naturally, you may also choose a wine bike trail – every stop in a cellar will provide delightful invigoration to your body and soul. The UNESCO protected park Lednice-Valtice that can be reached also on bike is again charming in winter too when frozen canals of the palace gardens provide giant rink to all keen skaters. Or perhaps you would consider winsurfing on the Mušov dam nearby which conceals - as a lighthouse monument reminding of a village once flooded to make way to this huge water reservoir – a red church spire, luring photographers who seek rare and attractive sceneries. What about hiking up the hills of the Palava with the Orphan´s castle and other ancient ruins? Golf among vineyards in Poysdorf just 15 min drive away? Or you prefer a one-day trip to Vienna or Bratislava, cities that will suck you in the mysteries of their glorious history? Both cosy places can be reached in 1 or 1,5 hour of comfortable drive.

Accommodation Mikulov - Lorm’s Court

There is another option of course not excluding the others. Relaxing by the poolside with salt water. Enjoying silence just a few steps from the historical centre, grilling fish in the outdoor fireplace, sitting and chatting with friends in the pergola in the courtyard or in the romantic wine cellar. In the evening lay in comfortable beds in a house that has its history and the proverbial genius loci.

At first sight your eye gets caught by the outside pool which is naturally situated in the middle of the garden. Beautifully smelling lavender, twisting roses, decorative grass, old apricot tree – all of that combines into a very pleasant ambiance inviting to relax. Children will enjoy the sand-pit with toys and wooden swing.

The house is furnished in a rustic manner.Kitchen is featuring av dish-washer, contryside-style oven, fridge, kettle, and selected set of china white.

The living room provides ample space for three people to comfortably sleep. The room is offering a sofa bed {2 people sleep on it} and a folding arm-chair. WiFi, satellite receiver, DVD player and a laptop come as second nature.

In  romantic bedroom you´ll find a king-size canopy bed and a single one. We can offer baby cot, dining stool, kids´toilet board or baby mat upon request.

When have set up the house with our future handicapped guests in mind. The spacious bathroom is a living proof of that – it´s been furnished with a shower cabinet with sufficient room for wheel-chair-tied persons and the same applies to water closet and wash basin. There are no thresholds, steps or other obstacles inside the house.

Upon request we are ready to provide a regular cleaning service for a surcharge of EUR 10. We may also arrange for a golf pro or tennis coach, bike rental including baby seat or transport from and to the airport.

The house that took its name from a long-forgotten Mikulov-born Hieronymus Lorm Despite being blind and deaf, he was defying his destiny, writing and thanks to his touch-based alphabet he eased lives of many people with the same disability.


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